Tyra/2 - The OS/2 CONFIG.SYS Editor

Tyra/2 is an OS/2 Config.Sys editor.

It has been developed by Oliver Poggensee and Jörg Sievers.

Feel free to download the 1.91 version and use the Freeware key to work with Tyra/2.

Freeware Lizenzschlüssel:
User name : Freeware
Schlüssel : 788818476

Tyra/2 Programmdateien:
tyra191e.zip (english Version, Patchlevel 1)
tyra_191e_p2.zip (Update to Patchlevel 2, June 15. 2002)

erforderliche Dateien:
vrobj21d.zip vom Hobbes-Server

Changes with Patchlevel 2

  • Bootdrive routines have been changed. The ones from the tyrautil.dll had problems with hidden drives.
  • Added systemlevels from MCP1, MCP2, MCP2 and eCS Fix 1, Fixpak 16.
  • If the systemlevel is unknown to Tyra/2, it will display the whole string returned from the routine.
  • The spelling of "fixpack" has been corrected to "fixpak".
  • The timezone drop down box now displays the second time you have started Tyra/2 the entry you have selected before.
  • On the welcome tab page the string "Tyra/2 1.91 Patch 2" is displayed so that it is easy to identify the Tyra/2 version installed on the system.
  • In the "About" box the Tyra/2 build is visible.
  • The newly designed icon (from Jörg Skottke) for version 1.92 has been added to this patch, too.

Copyright ©
1998-2000 Oliver Poggensee,
2000-2004 Joerg Sievers,
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