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Tyra/2 - The OS/2 CONFIG.SYS Editor

Tyra/2 is an OS/2 Config.Sys editor.
It has been developed by Oliver Poggensee and Jörg Sievers.

It will be open sourced and the parts with the registration will be removed from the code. In the meanwhile you can download the 1.91 version and use the Freeware key to work with Tyra/2.

Freeware Key:
  • User name : Freeware
  • Key : 788818476

Tyra/2 program files:
required files:
  • Bootdrive routines have been changed. The ones from the tyrautil.dll had problems with hidden drives.
  • Added systemlevels from MCP1, MCP2, MCP2 and eCS Fix 1, Fixpak 16.
  • If the systemlevel is unknown to Tyra/2, it will display the whole string returned from the routine.
  • The spelling of "fixpack" has been corrected to "fixpak".
  • The timezone drop down box now displays the second time you have started Tyra/2 the entry you have selected before.
  • On the welcome tab page the string "Tyra/2 1.91 Patch 2" is displayed so that it is easy to identify the Tyra/2 version installed on the system.
  • In the "About" box the Tyra/2 build is visible.
  • The newly designed icon (from Jörg Skottke) for version 1.92 has been added to this patch, too.

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